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Five tips to keep your home safe for visitors this Christmas season

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for hosting visitors in the home. New research by Liberty Insurance has identified some of the pitfalls and watchouts for Irish households to ensure safety when welcoming guests this festive season.

Top tips for safer driving over the busy Christmas period

The lead-into and over the busy Christmas period is generally a time when Irish roads are significantly busier as motorists prepare for the festive season and travel to visit family and friends.

Hosting with festive spirit - new tips for styling with Neptune’s Christmas collection 2023

From the carefully chosen table settings to the gentle glow of the tree, hosting our loved ones over the festive season is a magical time elevated by our home décor choices.

safefood’s top tips to help parents through Hallowe’en

With Hallowe’en in the coming days, parents are gearing up for dressing up, trick or treating and all the fun that goes with this time of year. But for many parents, it might feel like it’s been Hallowe’en for months now, with shop shelves heaving with sweet treats since September. So how can parents navigate the food that’s around us and manage the amount of treats their children get at Hallowe’en? safefood has some practical advice to help you get through it.

Tips on building your ‘personal brand’

Q: I’m very happy in my current role – it’s reasonably high profile in a very high profile organisation. By ‘reasonably high profile’, I mean that I give some media interviews and speak at a number of conferences and events each year. I’m always very careful to present myself as a representative of the company – but am I missing a trick by not promoting myself as well? What do you think? I’m 24 years of age.

Five tips to make a job interview more ‘real’

Q: I often find interviews stilted or impersonal. I struggle to bring the real me into the room. It’s like listening to a recording of myself. Any tips on how to make interviews more real?

Best tip — Go racing in comfort by booking at The Arches

Overcome the hassle of getting to and from Ballybrit or worrying about where you are going to have your pre-race of post-race meal, by taking a look at the fantastic offering at The Arches Hotel in Claregalway.

15 tips to make a strong return to your old career

Q: I’m thinking seriously about returning to my old career. I’ve been doing something else for the last 20 years and I miss what I did previously. It’s time to go back to the future, I feel. What do I need to look out for? (IK, email).

Eight tips on how to show you’re more than just a smooth talker

Q: I am talkative, and I think quickly on my feet. People would say I am rarely stuck for a word. I sometimes feel that people think this means I am flighty or lacking in depth - in fact, as I’ve shown throughout my college years, I have great focus and attention to detail. Just because I talk a lot doesn’t mean I can’t listen and pay attention. I’d like to maintain my verbal dexterity in an important job interview next week, but also convince them I’m not just a fly-by- night. Any thoughts on how I could combine those twin goals?” (TT, email).

Top tips on spring cleaning

With the stretch in the evenings becoming more apparent, and the extra time we are all spending/working at home, now is the perfect time to undertake a deep clean and tackle all the jobs you have been putting off.


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