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On the Wine Shelf

Olivier Ravoire Côtes du Rhône (All good wine shops, €10.99)

Cookery hints for students and teenagers

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Many students are now finding out just how good they had it at home, arriving at the dinner table just as the plates are served and then out of there at the speed of light once the last morsel is eaten.

Celebrity chefs — are they losing their appeal?

I may be wrong, but I get the impression that the adoration being heaped on certain chefs may be starting to wane. Perhaps it is the recession; perhaps it is the stories of Gordon Ramsay’s empire in disarray, or perhaps we are just sick of them. I am all for promoting better cooking, better eating, and buying the best local produce, but realistically how many people actually ever cook anything they see demonstrated on television? It is a bit like watching reality TV, except you are watching someone cook rather than wander about a house.


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