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Cinema review: The Imitation Game

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THE INCREDIBLE story of Alan Turing is almost impossible to believe. This man invented the computer and, with a small team, ended WWII two years earlier than was thought possible, and in doing so saved the lives of 14,000,000 people.

Mogwai - Scotland’s pride

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“MOGWAI STILL sound like the future, their five-strong core membership still the coolest gang in town.” So wrote Scottish crime fiction author Ian Rankin of the band that make their Galway debut on St Valentine’s Day.

Dramatic events give pause for thought

The three-day weekend leading into a four-day week threw many of us off course over the last seven days but at least things will return to normal soon - or will they? As the ongoing volcanic ash cloud disruption continues to mess up travel and holiday schedules you get the sense that so much is still up in the air (excuse the pun). Making far-off plans for the future just doesn’t seem wise with other shock events rooting us to the spot, such as the passing of 2fm DJ Gerry Ryan, which continues to resonate even one week later. This ‘Lady Di’ moment of ours obviously gave many of us cause to pause and take stock as we try to figure out whether we should continue along the current paths of our lives or change things around radically for the better.

Let’s have a live debate in Galway

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The live TV leadership debates in Britain have captured the public imagination, catapulted Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg into the spotlight, and are influencing the course of the general election.

Oh what a beautiful morning

I think we may get used to enjoying the simple things in life for the next few years. There’s not much money about and, even if there was, it looks as if Icelandic volcanoes mean we won’t be able to get off this little island to fly to exotic locations for the foreseeable future.

New winter fuel policy required for elderly

This week’s announcement by the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown about assisting families with their energy bills, highlights just how much more we need to do to tackle fuel poverty.

British money starting to flow into Irish banks

The announcement by the Government that it will guarantee all money saved with an Irish institution for two years has enticed overseas investors to withdraw their money fropm their own countries and put into the named Irish banks and institutions.

I have a realistic ambition that Labour can lead government

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Local election candidate Sean O’ hArgain is an ambitious man. Already he is a sitting local Labour Party councillor on Kilkenny Borough Council, the principal of the city’s Gaelscoil, a father and husband.

Any good news out there?

My deadline for this column is Monday, so I don’t know what surprises were delivered in the budget as I write.

Choir Practice

People take their music very seriously, as I‘ve found out over the years.


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