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Giveamanakick - reunion tour/Róísín Dubh show

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THEIR LIVE shows were among the most incendiary and thrilling delivered by any Irish band in the noughties. At times it was hard to believe their furious, visceral mix of punk, hardcore, and metal, was the work of just two guys.

Album review: windings/Land Lovers

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THE SPLIT release has a long tradition within independent and alternative music, going back to at least the early 1980s. This particular incarnation of the format, released through Out On A Limb Records and the Popical Island lable finds Limerick’s windings sharing space with Dublin’s Land Lovers.

The Certain Three tour comes to Róisín Dubh

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WINDINGS, THE Ambience Affair, and We Cut Corners, will play Strange Brew at the Róisín Dubh on Thursday January 13 at 9pm as part of The Certain Three 2011 Tour.

Windings to play Strange Brew

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HE WAS once one half of the ferocious hardcore duo Giveamanakick, but now he is the leader of a band of more gentle sounding musicians.

Windings bring their autumn tour to The Stables

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Just when you thought it was safe to venture out, former giveamanakick front man and founder Steve Ryan returns to the big bad world of record releases with a second album from his band windings, a new musical offering from one of Limerick’s most talented gents.

Strange Brew Summer Shindig 6

A FEAST of the finest indie/alternative Galway and Ireland have to offer will be on display for all to hear and enjoy at the major party that always is the Strange Brew Summer Shindig.

Go Jogging at Bar Ritz this weekend

On Saturday July 17, Jogging headline Castlebar’s only independent, underground, original, alternative night out—Finbar Hoban Presents.

Go Out On A Limb at Strange Brew

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STRANGE BREW at the Róisín Dubh will host the Out On A Limb Records night concert, featuring Windings, Hooray For Humans, and Ten Past Seven on Thursday February 4 at 9pm.

Strange Brew Summer Shindig

IF JULY is giving way to August, then it’s time for the Strange Brew Summer Shindig, an always uproarious celebration of all that is great about indie and alternative in Galway and Ireland.

Giveamanakick - Galway made them

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GIVEAMANAKICK, the Limerick duo who have blazed a trail across Ireland with their ferocious hardcore/punk/heavy rock and incendiary live shows are calling it a day.


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