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Remembering Peter Tyrrell

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On April 26 1967 the body of a man was found on Hampstead Heath. It was charred and burnt beyond recognition. Initial investigation found that the man had deliberately set fire to himself. Who was this man?

The amazing story of The Tailor Of Inverness

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THE TAILOR Of Inverness, by Matthew Zajac, tells the extraordinary story of Zajac’s father who grew up on a farm in Galicia - then eastern Poland, now western Ukraine - and worked as a tailor in Inverness after surviving the terrors and upheavals of WWII.

The man who almost sent Monty to his doom

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On the eve of taking up a world prestigious position no one had such a baptism of fire as Lord Michael Killanin in September 1972. He was to succeed the autocratic Avery Brundage as president of the International Olympic Committee, and was regarded as a breath of fresh air.

Fair Days (Part Two)

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Some of the hawkers who had done a roaring trade in pre-war Callan Fair days were severely restricted by the Emergency cutbacks. These men engaged with their customers from donkey carts, which had tarpaulin covers supported on sally sticks on the side of Green Street that had the pubs and shops.

“Capture Kilkenny!”

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Apart from the scare over phantom parachutists, the first large-scale military exercise involving Seamus O’ Brien’s LSF (Local Security Force) Group in the Callan district followed shortly after the uniforms arrived at the local courthouse. On a spring Sunday morning, the lads were lined up for a specially convened parade on Callan’s Fair Green.

DUÆL - when the US army sought German intelligence

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IT IS July 1945. Germany lies in ruins. For the second time in less than 30 years it has been vanquished by the other European powers and is occupied by the British, French, US, and Russian armies.


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