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Kevin Higgins - taking on Left and Right with poetry and humour

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THERE WAS a time when a photograph of Mick Wallace must have marked the bull’s eye of the dartboard in Justice Minister Alan Shatter’s office. That dartboard must be overcrowded these days with pictures of political foes and the Minister running out of enough darts to throw at them all.

For the Charlestown girls and people who drank in Mick Taylor’s

MARTIN DYAR won the Strokestown Poetry competition when George W Bush was still in his first term and all was well with the world.

Jason and The Argonauts set sail for Baboró

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SCOTLAND’S INTERNATIONALLY-feted Visible Fictions Theatre Company are en route to Galway for the Baboró Festival to bring their ebullient staging of the epic adventures of Jason and the Argonauts.

Henry Rollins - Still angry after all these years (but courteous with it!)

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SINGER, SONGWRITER, spoken-word artist, publisher, radio DJ, actor, globetrotter, TV documentarist and social campaigner; not for nothing has Henry Rollins being described as a ‘post-punk renaissance man’.

President Obama invited to Mayo sheep shearing event

US president Barack Obama has been invited to a sheep shearing event in Mayo during his whistle-stop tour of Ireland next month.

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends

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To say the Galway West count centre in Leisureland was an epic drama which made War And Peace and The Lord Of The Rings look like minimalist short stories is an understatement.

Arden at eighty

ON FRIDAY October 1 the Town Hall Theatre is presenting a tribute to author John Arden to mark the writer’s 80th year.

Two years suspended for would-be presidential assassin

A Kilkenny native security guard and former US naval engineer who threatened to shoot President George W Bush through the head and blow up the American Embassy in Dublin was given a suspended two-year sentence at Galway Circuit Criminal Court last Friday afternoon.

Hamell On Trial - as big as life and a little concerned about everything

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“THE TERRORISM Of Everyday Life is my life story and how it was heavily influenced by rock’n’roll, or at least my interpretation of that term. I’m constantly rewriting and updating and as Galway hasn’t seen it yet, I’m looking to introducing it to them.”

Changing colours and cups of coffee

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are aflame this week. Trees of fiery orange and red entwined in a mix of russet and chocolate brown. The year is changing colours as the fall envelops the north east of America. “America is about to change colours politically as well,” says Theodore (Ted) S Sares, who now lives in the ‘Granite State’. He is a business consultant and also describes himself as a private investor. He would admit in a colourful burst of laughter that he is a millionaire, but he was a bigger millionaire before the financial crisis struck. Ted Sares could strike once too — and he could put together a one/two combination in the ring. He was a useful amateur light heavyweight with 130 contests under his belt. And he once closed the Digital Corporation business in Galway.


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