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Epigenetics, lifestyle and medicine

Epigenetics has been one of the biggest breakthroughs in medicine. This suggests that our behaviour can influence which of our genes are turned on or off. It is your lifestyle or your genes that determines your health? What you eat, how you move, rest, along with your thoughts, and all regulate your genes. You can turn on genes that create health or disease.

Renmore’s Clare Quinn wins Golden Voice of America

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Talented Galway singer Clare Quinn (16) from Renmore has been named the winner by the American Fine Arts Festival in the “Golden Voice of America” – a prestigous International Vocal Competition, which invited entries from all over the World.

Cell Explorers— Burst the myth of the mad scientist

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What do you see when you think of a scientist? An old man, with crazy white hair, wearing a lab coat and goggles while covered in a cloud of smoke? This is the classic perception that many people might have. Cell EXPLORERS will address this mad scientist stereotype in their new workshop at the 2016 Galway Science & Technology Festival from the 14-27 November.

Time for Mayo to smash and grab

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New insights into potent cancer tumour suppressor gene

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New insight into the function of a gene important in the suppression of cancer was published this week published today, when esearchers at the National University of Ireland Galway have shown that the TP53 gene has even greater anti-cancer activity than previously thought.

Learn how to unlock the DNA code at NUI Galway

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NUI Galway’s School of Natural Sciences will hold a special event for secondlevel students in senior cycle biology on Saturday April 25 to celebrate International DNA Day.

Become scientists for a day

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A day of fun science-related activities for children will be hosted by NUI Galway on Thursday October 30.

Search commences for Galway’s Vikings

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If your name is Duffy or Doyle, your ancestors were Danish, if the name is Lynch or FitzGerald they were Norman, but the secret to your ancestry does not lie only in your surname.

NUIG scientists make breakthrough in breast cancer research

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Scientists at NUI Galway have discovered a new class of genes which could help to suppress tumour growth of breast cancer cells.

Children urged to harness hobbies and skills

Every child under the age of seven should be cajoled, persuaded, and encouraged to start developing a hobby or skill, which potentially will have a huge positive impact in their life, this is according to Seán Connaughton who was a guest speaker at the annual conference of the Turner Contact Group Ireland recently.


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