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Retracing Antonin Artaud in Galway

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ANTONIN ARTAUD, the French playwright and theatre director visited Galway city and the Aran Islands in 1937 and an event is taking place to mark his visit.

Reputation is key when choosing a project management programme

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The demand for certified project professionals is growing strongly. When making a decision on which project management development programme to invest in, reputation is of paramount importance. The Institute of Project Management’s faculty is led by its programme director Ed Naughton, who is an internationally recognised expert and a member of the powerful IPMA Education and Training Board. His colleagues on this board are world thought leaders from Switzerland, China, Romania, Greece, and Italy.

The songs of Nick Cave @ Róisín Dubh

THE MUSIC of Nick Cave will be celebrated, sung, and performed in the Róisín Dubh on Saturday March 31 at 9pm by The Van Diemens.

Fugitive Dialogues @ TULCA

IS THERE a point to writing about contemporary art? Could it be more critical? More provocative? Perhaps it needs to be less full of jargon and more accessible?

Exhibition of books

An exhibition of books taken from private collections in Mayo is in the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar from November 4 to November 26,

Communism, NAMA, cutting edge art – TULCA visual arts festival returns

The collapse of Communism and its legacy for Eastern Europe and the implosion of the Irish economy and its ramifications for our State are two major themes which will be explored in this year’s TULCA festival.

Odds and ends make random beauty at Shuffle

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Everyone can appreciate good art that blends, that flows, that parallels in subject and form and matter. But what happens when you put on a show with none of that? A show that is deliberately random? Well, then you get Shuffle, the brilliant exhibition on now at No 1 Merchants Road.

Capture the magic of Christmas with James Kilbane's new album

For anyone, young or old, wishing to capture the magic of Christmas, The Christmas Collection, by Achill Island's James Kilbane, is a must-have this Christmas season.

Capture the magic of Christmas

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For anyone young or old wishing to capture the magic of Christmas, the new album by Achill Island's James Kilbane is a must have this Christmas season.


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