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AstroFest 2019 to take place in Galway this weekend

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Galway Astronomy Club’s AstroFest 2019 is taking place in the Harbour Hotel, Galway, on Saturday with talks, trade displays, photographic displays, and a lunchtime workshop by one of Ireland’s leading astrophotographers, Tom O’Donoghue.

Public talk on women pioneers in astronomy

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Name the principal figures in astronomy, and Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Galileo, Giovanni Cassini, and Edmond Halley will be mentioned, but such a list omits the women who have made an enormous contribution to the field.

The Farthest director star attraction at this weekend’s Astrofest 2018

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Galway Astronomy Club’s Astrofest 2018, is taking place this Saturday January 27 in the Harbour Hotel, Galway, with registration from 9.15am.

Galway Astronomy Club talk on next generation of giant space telescopes

Galway Astronomy Club is to hold a talk at the Harbour Hotel next Monday November 5 (starting at 7.30) on the next generation of giant space telescopes being constructed around the globe.

Robot explorers and alien life among the topics at Galway Astronomy Festival this weekend

Alien life, astrophotography, space law, rockets and robots are among the subjects being discussed at this weekend’s Galway Astrofest, the largest annual astronomy festival in the country.

All you ever needed to know about meteorites

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The wonderful array of speakers that the Galway Astronomy Club have been bringing to Galway this year continues with a talk on Monday next on “The Wonderful World of Meteorites.”

Astronomy and art join forces for TULCA this evening

THIS EVENING at 6pm an event fusing astronomy, film, and art will take place. Aisling O’Beirn’s Light Years From Here is about looking at stars, telling stories about stars, and the connection between time and the stars.

Who owns the Moon? — Everything you ever wanted to know about space law

Who owns the Moon? What laws do you have to observe if you venture into outer space? Can you sell property on other planets?

Cosmic dangers to be explored at this weekend’s Galway Astronomy Festival

Comets, meteors, solar storms, and other phenomena that pose a danger to our planet will be explored at the annual Galway Astronomy Festival, which takes place in the Westwood Hotel this Saturday.

Engineer who landed probe on comet to address Galway Astronomy Club

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Just over a year ago the whole world watched as the Rosetta Space Probe successfully landed the Philae lander onto comet 67/P Churyumov–Gerasimenko, marking the first soft-landing ever on such a body.


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