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Spacious family home in Corrandulla

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O'Donnellan & Joyce auctioneers is offering to the market via private treaty this excellent detached home in the idyllic setting of Corrandulla, Co Galway.

Mediterranean style interiors by Komandor Wardrobes

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The Mediterranean look combines boldness, simplicity, and convenience with light and warm tones, a coastal colour scheme, and use of natural materials.

Pouffe, and the trend has begun

This may have been the year of potted plants and vibrant velvet, but 2020 is here and it is safe to say “the year of the pouffe” is well and truly under way. Today, EZ Living Furniture is telling us just how useful pouffes can be, without the need to sacrifice style.

What would your furniture say about you?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Dress how you want to be addressed”? When we get dressed every day it can be a direct reflection of how we feel, what our schedules might entail, and even reflect our personality. Did you ever notice how we might dress in darker colours in winter than we wear in spring? Well, if you think your clothes reflect you, imagine what your home décor says about you. It is true what they say, when our words fail, our interior speaks for us. Today, EZ Living Furniture sheds some light on what we are saying, or not saying, by the décor we choose to surround ourselves by.

Meubles providing for all your furniture and home decor needs

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Having celebrated its second anniversary recently, store manager of Meubles, Mike Hartnett, sat down with Galway Advertiser to chat about the business’s extensive furniture range, its state of the art cafe, and plans for the year ahead.

'You are purchasing a good night's sleep'

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A mattress is arguably one of the most important purchases anyone will ever make. With an expected lifespan of eight years, it is vital customers select the correct mattress that fulfils their specific needs. This is why anyone serious about ensuring comfort and longevity in a mattress shops at one of Galway’s leading bed specialists, Better Bedding, which, for three decades, has been synonymous with quality and excellence in relation to beds, ensuring that the people of Galway always enjoy the benefits of a quality night’s sleep.

Leather furniture a perennial design option in the modern home surrounds

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Always in fashion, leather furniture has been a part homes for thousands of years. Even the Romans used leather sofas for luxurious lounging.

Perfect Christmas gifts for the home from Casey's Expert Hardware

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At Casey’s Expert Hardware you will find everything you need to finish your home this Christmas - from flooring to furniture, rugs to lighting and everything in between.

Premier Wardrobes — a name you can trust

It is well known that wardrobes play a crucial role in keeping our valuables, particularly our clothes and shoes, organised. But they also enhance the overall look of the entire room, so it is important that when installing a wardrobe it should complement the room's décor. So when it comes to having a wardrobe custom made we want a name we can trust to provide us with the best of quality and style.

How a bed can help create more space in your home

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Instead of just fulfilling a single function of supporting a mattress, beds can also provide an extra storage space.


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