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Remarkable new beginning as ‘Pres’ in Athenry gets new school

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There will soon be a “remarkable” new beginning for Presentation College Athenry who received long-awaited news this week that it will finally have a brand new school building within the next three years.

Back to the future with Michael D and Giovanni Trapattoni?

“We must seek to build together an active, inclusive citizenship; based on participation, equality, respect for all, and the flowering of creativity in all its forms. A confident people is our hope, a people at ease with itself, a people that grasps the deep meaning of the proverb; Ní neart go cur le chéile’ - our strength lies in our common weal - our social solidarity.”

Corrib pedestrian crossing for Volvo

A temporary pedestrian river crossing has been proposed to link the Long Walk directly to South Park to facilitate the estimated 400,000 visitors to Galway for the Volvo Ocean Race 2012.

Norris to get another city council snub as Higgins does well in first poll

David Norris’ bid to enter the presidential election looks like being dealt another blow in Galway as he is almost certain to receive neither speaking time nor the support of the Galway City Council.

Shooting the Breeze with Hildegarde Naughton

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What a difference two years can make. In 2009 Hildegarde Naughton was to be seen resplendent in 19th century US army fatigues, bestride a horse, and brandishing a Colt .45 pistol in the publicity shots for the musical Calamity Jane.

Kyne, Cannon, and Higgins - Are they Galway’s rising political stars

The dust has settled; the new Government has come through its first 100 days; Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and US president Barack Obama have been and gone; Garrett the Good, Declan Costello, and Brian Lenihan - three icons of Irish politics - have passed to their eternal reward. What a first six months of 2011 this has been.

Can Hildegarde Naughton take a new approach to the role of mayor?

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I am sure Stephen Patrick Morrissey would not approve of what Insider is about to do, and as a self respecting Smiths fan I know it is sacrilegious, but here goes: “Hilda take a/Hilda take a bow/boot the grime of this world in the crotch dear/and don’t go home tonight/go out and find the cause that you love.”

Is Crowe sick of politics?

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What is Michael J Crowe up to now? First there was the ‘I’m sick of trees’ comment, then there was the one man battle against the Galway Alliance Against War, and now he says he is “winding down” from politics - this is despite having three years left of his term as a councillor.

Can Ming the Merciless save our turf cutting heritage?

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I have been watching the progress of Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan with some amusement, and admiration for a number of years. Amusement because of his long running campaign to legalise cannabis, which has to be a no-hoper. He has been convicted on several occasions for possession of the drug, but undaunted, he sent a beautifully rolled cannabis cigarette to every politician in the Oireachtas as part of his campaign, pleading for them to enjoy a smoke, inhale deeply, and support his cause. That man doesn’t know the meaning of ‘no’.

Does Fianna Fáil have a future in Galway?

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Many doubted it would come to pass. Many foes were convinced there was a significant hardcore element out there who would find it too difficult to wield the dagger no matter how much they complained about Fianna Fáil. Many party loyalists were deluded into believing that ‘In our final hour of need they will not desert us’.


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