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Hand sanitisers and sunscreen bad for your car

Bought in ever increasing quantities, hand sanitisers and higher sun protection factor lotion may be good for our health but apparently they can be bad news for our cars. Chemicals found in some such products can react with surfaces, causing them to wear prematurely unless they are protected by special finishes.

Ford’s new eco-friendly plug-in Tourneo Custom on the way

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Ford has revealed a new plug-in hybrid version of its hugely popular Tourneo Custom people mover.

Ford going big on electrification

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Ford today unveiled an extensive range of new vehicles that are designed to help make cities and urban areas cleaner and quieter by increasingly using more environmentally friendly electric power.

Ford tests light’s visual language on autonomous vehicles

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Hand gestures, head nods and thumbs-up signals all help to ensure drivers, pedestrians and cyclists know what each other is doing. But how will self-driving vehicles, with no human driver, communicate with those around them?

Ford launched all-new innovative and dynamic Focus

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Ford points to their all-new Focus, saying it delivers more style, space and advanced driving technologies for mid-size family car customers than ever before.

Clever children’s green way to keep windscreen clean

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It is an idea that could one day help save billions of litres of water. Instead of simply wiping raindrops off our car windscreens, why not collect and reuse the water via the washer jets?

Sick of potholes costing you money? New technology is on the way

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Irish roads are ever improving, but every Irish driver will be aware of the dangers potholes on our roads can offer our everyday experience.

Side wind stabilisation now standard for Transit

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Ford tells us all Transits will be fitted with a new feature as standard - side wind stabilisation.

Younger drivers fuelling record SUV sales?

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Motivated by a strong social conscience and keen to rent, stream and share goods and services, the millennial generation’s revolutionary approach to spending is changing how companies, including carmakers, do business. And their fresh thinking is influencing the cars they want to drive in ways one might not expect.

Sit back and enjoy the view from a self-driving car

Self-driving cars may still be a way down the road but many people can already foresee the life-changing difference they will make to how we travel.


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