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Swap to Arrabawn Skim Plus Milk for the summer

People are generally more health conscious in the summer, and whether hard at work or soaking up the rays, it is the right time to make the swap to Arrabawn Skim Plus Milk.

Cooking up a storm

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People can learn how to cook healthily while raising vital funds for a local heart and stroke charity at an event being organised in Barna on Monday night.

Eating well for exams - it’s a no-brainer

You know that feeling when you’re hungry: you get narky and irritable, your mood is low, and it’s hard to concentrate - that’s because your brain is particularly sensitive to food and nutrients. This is no way to be if you are trying to study. As the Leaving Certificate looms, it is important to treat your brain with care - a well-hydrated, well-fed brain will deliver when you try to retrieve some of the knowledge you’ve crammed in there.

New to Health and Herbs: The Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator

A food dehydrator delivers the vast majority of foods with the same vitamins and minerals as their fresh counterparts, in a remarkable array of concentrated flavours, nutrients, and enzymes.

Dr Eva Orsmond — a leading expert in weight loss and nutrition

Dr Eva Orsmond is a medical doctor from Finland who came to live in Ireland approximately 12 years ago. She founded Orsmond Clinics in 2001 to pursue her interest in weight loss and nutrition and she is now a leading expert in her field.

Digestive problems kill weight loss

Slim and win with Arrabawn

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Arrabawn Dairies has announced its final winner of the Get Slim with Arrabawn Skim prize.

Evergreen Natural Health Show in Galway this Sunday

This April brings the largest natural health show ever to The West, at the Radisson BLU Hotel, Galway — to be held on Sunday April 6. The ‘Evergreen Natural Health Show’ is an all day event from 11am-7pm featuring the leading brands in natural health along with tastings, demonstrations and advice from industry experts. The show highlights will include talksrunning throughout the day from health experts including Patrick Holford, Dale Pinnock, Prannie Rhatigan and Gareth Zeal.

Digestive problems kill weight loss!

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Nothing is as devastating for your energy, health, and weight loss as digestive problems. Bloating, heartburn, indigestion, trapped wind, and the much more serious conditions like constipation, irritable bowel, and diverticulitis can slow down or stop your weight loss no matter how much you diet or exercise.

The Glenville Nutrition Clinic

Nutritional expertise in supporting women’s health is now available at the Glenville Nutrition Clinic Galway. Local nutritionist Sorcha Molloy (BSc hons) has recently opened the Galway clinic which offers the Glenville approach to natural health, founded by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, ensuring the very best nutritional advice on women’s health issues.


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