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'We’re a band for real now'

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MARCH WAS originally the first month of the year in the Roman calendar, and for Galway Street Club, March has long been a month signifying new beginnings, providing exciting starting points, and, especially this year, marking significant milestones.

The Luther Christmas tree

I always thought that the Christmas tree, which gives a special pleasure in any home, was a Victorian thing, introduced by Prince Albert in the early 19th century. But reading Niall Mac Coitir’s fascinating book Irish Trees - Myths, Legends and Folklore* I learned that legend has it that the idea of the Christmas fir tree first came to Martin Luther. After walking one Christmas Eve under a clear winter sky lit by 1,000 stars, he set up for his children a tree with countless candles as an image of the starry heaven whence Christ came. However, the first known record of a modern Christmas tree comes from Strasbourg in 1605 when fir trees were set up and decorated.


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