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Gardenwise | The Benefits of Going Under Cover

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No matter how lovely your garden is, you must admit that sometimes it would be really convenient if you could just add a roof. Fresh air is all very well and we need the rain for sure, but wouldn’t it be lovely if we could enjoy the garden without the rain actually falling on us while we do it?

Do you have a budding young film maker?

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A brief guide to stop motion animation

Many children and teens have access to smartphones and tablets. Rather than just using them to play games or chat online let them break out their creative side by producing a stop motion animated movie. You never know you might even have the next summer blockbuster on your hands.

Galway Film Centre film-making courses

The Galway Film Centre on Wellpark Road has some new courses coming up for film enthusiasts and film-makers over the summer.

Film Centre courses

GALWAY FILM Centre’s programme of courses and workshops for autumn/winter 2009 is now available. It is aimed at those who want to learn a new skill, explore their creativity, or have a story they want to tell through film.


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