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Wave energy project off west coast been selected for funding

ESB’s WestWave Project has been selected by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR) as one of the projects to go forward for evaluation by the European Investment Bank (EIB) under the EU New Entrant Reserve (NER300) funding mechanism.

Mayo organisation welcomes incentives to create employment

The National Energy Training Academy (NETA), which is based in Mayo, has welcomed Energy Minister Eamon Ryan's announcement of measures to encourage the on-site generation of electricity in homes and farms across Ireland. The organisation, said the ability to sell electricity to the grid was an important step for the renewable industry but also for job creation.

Generate your own electricity on your farm

The west of Ireland has the best wind resources in Europe. You can now sell any electricity you generate on your farm with back to the ESB. The introduction of a ‘feed-in’ tariff for every kilowatt hour of electricity that you generate you can now export this to the grid. ESB will pay 19c for the first 3000 kWh’s exported to the grid and 9c for every kilowatt hour over the 3000. This, together with savings you make by using your own electricity too, means there has never been a better time to start generating your own electricity on your farm; or indeed in your individual homes, small businesses, and communities. 


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