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An Taibhdhearc to host world premiere of Song Of The Yellow Bittern as Gaeilge

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SONG OF The Yellow Bittern, a love story and a ghost story, set against the background of an 1828 paternity lawsuit by a Protestant woman against a Catholic priest, comes to An Taibhdhearc in a new Irish language version.

New black belts

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Four members of the Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Club graded for their 1st Dan Black Belts in kickboxing on Saturday evening, all passing with distinction.

Bird watchers’ treat at Galway turlough

The Galway branch of the Irish Wildlife Trust will host a guided walk at Rahasane turlough near Craughwell on Saturday.

wild and Wonderful

If you were watching the nine o’clock news programme on RTE One last Sunday you’ll have seen some amazing footage of flocks of starlings flying above Belfast, swirling and swooping in the darkening skies, looking more liquid than solid, twisting and turning like ink dropped into water. Starlings’ habit of congregating in the evenings is most common in winter, and the flocks’ numbers swell substantially at this time of year, when birds from as far away as Russia visit Ireland. Some flocks have been estimated to number over a million birds. Despite the huge flocks that congregate not only in towns but also in rural areas, the common starling isn’t as common as it once was: in Britain it is now officially an endangered species, its population there having declined by over half in the last 25 years.


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