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John Connolly being asked to run for FF in Election 2016

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ohn Connolly, the long time Fianna Fáil member and former city councillor, is understood to have been approached by Fianna Fail to consider standing in the 2016 General Election.

Is Cope hesitation a clue that O Cuiv’s running for Europe?

By Kernan Andrews

Get set for the local elections - they are only three years away

The election is over! Bring on the next one! After the marathon counts in Galway East and Galway West, there cannot be many people who want another election too soon.

Connemara set to oppose FF plans to abolish cumanns

The days of the Fianna Fáil cumann look to be numbered as party HQ seeks to abolish the old local organisation system, a move that is likely to cause consternation in Connemara.

October to be a red letter month for some FFers

October was a significant date for the Soviets as the October Revolution of 1917 overthrew the Russian provisional government and eventually led to the creation of the Soviet Union in 1922.

A nervous Christmas for FF as local election interviews take place

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There were many nervous Fianna Fáilers in Salthill last Wednesday and they will continue to be nervous over the Christmas period as their political future and fate is decided.

Calm before the storm — The fun kicks off in September

The parties will all tell you they’re shattered after the last two years – and to tell the truth so are many of the political journalists’ said one hack on radio recently when asked how the politicians can find it in them to justify their lengthy summer break!

Crowe brothers to the rescue for Fianna Fail?

“If I saw Mr Haughey buried at midnight at a crossroads with a stake driven through his heart, politically speaking, I should continue to wear a clove of garlic around my neck, just in case.”

Could Packie Bonner be our next MEP?

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Italia 90 was easily the worst World Cup in living memory. Excruciatingly dull games, foul play, cantenaccio gone mad, cynical holding out for extra time, and running down the clock for penalties.

A case of ‘almost...but not quite’ for Fianna Fáil

“Almost...but not quite” is how Galway Fianna Fáil might sum up its team for June’s Local Elections in both the city and county, with many candidates virtually certain to be selected, others still battling for a place, and the rest in the dark as to what party HQ intends to do with them.

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