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Live entertainment assured at the Dean Crowe Theatre

As a distinct winter chill lingers in the air, three live stage performances within the surrounds of the Dean Crowe Theatre are sure to warm the hearts of the Athlone and Midlands region public.

Performances certain to entertain on the Dean Crowe Theatre stage

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As November ambles towards its inevitable conclusion, four productions to grace the Dean Crowe Theatre stage are certain to entertain as winter nights descend with a distinct chill in the air!

Dean Crowe Theatre to host enticing live performances

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The Dean Crowe Theatre stage is the venue in which to be as the atmospheric auditorium hosts three enticing productions of note

Dean Crowe Theatre to host enticing live stage performances

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The month of October promises to be laden with enticing live performances at the Dean Crowe Theatre, as three productions of note take to the stage at the west side venue.

Stars of Father Ted bring comedy show to Dean Crowe Theatre

'Culchie Warriors', set to perform on the Dean Crowe Theatre Stage on Saturday, November 2, brings two of the most memorable characters from Father Ted together for a night of hilarious comedy to the Dean Crowe Theatre, with a chance to compete in a 'Lovely Girls' competition.

Relive the life of Athlone’s most famous son at Dean Crowe Theatre

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Athlone is home to one of the greatest international pop sensations of the 20th century. In 1929, John McCormack was paid $500,000 to feature in a Hollywood film. This is just one of the many fascinating stories you can hear in Matthew Gilsenan’s ‘John McCormack – A Life in Song and Story’ at the Dean Crowe Theatre on Saturday, September 21.

Human trafficking subject of production at Dean Crowe Theatre

A play written for adults and dealing with the serious topic of human trafficking will be presented at The Dean Crowe Theatre on Monday, October 17, from 8pm.


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