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Take a Lecherous Gaze at ‘rock-punk heavy jams’

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LECHEROUS GAZE’S music fits somewhere between garage and stoner rock, but they prefer to describe themselves as playing “psycho-delic shred-tastic ultra-hyphened rock-punk heavy jams.”

Primal Scream to play Salthill

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THE MIGHTY Primal Scream are coming to Galway to play a ‘Róisín Dubh presents...’ concert in Leisureland, Salthill, on Saturday October 26.

The songs he writes so well

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“I’LL TELL you something, I mightn’t be in this business at all if it wasn’t for a Galwayman, Des Kelly,” Phil Coulter tells me during our interview on Tuesday morning. “He was the leader of the Capitol Showband who were the biggest in Ireland when I was a student in Queen’s in Belfast.”

John Sinclair and Howard Marks - Radical Rogues on the Road

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ONE IS the former manager of the MC5 and a man about whom John Lennon wrote a song. The other is former international drug trafficker who has appeared on record sleeves by The Super Furry Animals.

John Sinclair and Howard Marks - Radical Rogues

JOHN SINCLAIR was manager of sixties proto-punk band The MC5 and a counter culture political activist about whom John Lennon wrote a song.

Take no prisoners: the return of Whipping Boy

IT IS not easy to look towards the future right now. A Budget delivering cuts which will hurt the weakest in society, rather than the most comfortable, came this week. The euro totters on the brink of extinction. The recession will not end any time soon.

The Brothers Movement @ Cuba*

Love, hate, and The Von Bondies

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THE VON Bondies are from Michigan but aren’t really into The Stooges. They are called ‘garage rock’ but don’t play that kind of music. They always have two women in the band, but it’s not a gimmick. It’s no wonder band leader Jason Stollsteimer feels he has a point to prove.

Voters can kick out the jams on polling day

Friday June 5 has finally been declared as the date for the 2009 European and Local Elections - that’s just 114 days for voters to decide whether they will ‘kick ‘em out or keep ‘em in’.


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