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Through the keyhole — Burkeway Homes to host event for first time buyers

In an effort to educate and inspire first-time buyers gearing up to take those initial, apprehensive steps onto the property ladder, and to demystify the buying process, Burkeway Homes will host a free Smarter Buyer event on Saturday April 6 at the Hotel Meyrick in Galway.

Property — the affordable alternative to gold

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With all the current global economic uncertainty the value of gold has reached a new high of $1,800 per ounce. Major economic structures have been shaken and continue to be, with speculation of a ‘double dip’ international recession. The euro prospect looks vulnerable, America’s sovereign rating has been downgraded, the dollar taking a hammering and other major currencies under pressure has led many investors to put substantial parts of their investments into gold, hence driving the price to record levels.

ERA Oates report promising start to the year

Joe Naughton of Era Oates Auctioneers has reported a significant increase in the number of viewers of properties in January, particularly from first time buyers.  

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Rent-to-buy schemes


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