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How could we ever doubt Mayo when it comes to the crunch?

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It was an occasion like we have never experienced, it was a performance that we have become somewhat accustomed to, it was a result we could only have dreamed of. It was a proper Mayo day.

The faits accomplis and the known unknowns

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THE TALLIES have answered many questions and left plenty of others unresolved. While the count for Galway city progresses slowly, the political analysts and anoraks fill in the long gaps with number crunching.

People feeling financially pessimistic about 2018

New research published today by independent price comparison and switching service,, reveals the extent of consumers’ financial concerns for 2018.

Uncertainty hampers new vehicle sales, but no worries

BY Padraic Deane.

What is Intuitive Art Making and Why is it good for you??

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Social Art Ireland will be holding Intuitive Art Making Workshops  at Cregal Arts Galway during May starting Monday May 8,15,22, and 29th.  There are full day and half day options. These sessions will be facilitated by an Art Therapist MA. You will be using basic art therapy techniques, and combining them with journaling. This is a powerful form of meditation while using paint brushes and art materials. The purpose of this type of creativity is to integrate the freedom of expression into other areas of our lives while building confidence and reducing stress and anxiety. Sharing with others, and having fun is all part of the process too.

Life in the Portershed

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During my time on work experience in The PorterShed, Eyre Square, Galway I was asked to conduct an interview with one of the businesses based in the new Innovation Centre. I chose the team Altocloud because they had the widest range of employees for me to interview and I found what they did interesting. I spoke to Maricka Burke-Keogh, Head of Digital Marketing at Altocloud.

The truth about cover letters

Q: I am applying for a job. I’ve done up my CV. Do I really need to put a cover letter in with it? And, if I do, what tips have you got? (DC, email).

Knowing about the place where you want to work

Q: I felt I was going grand in a recent job interview – I had dealt comfortably with all the questions about my CV, my training and strengths. But I stumbled badly at the end when they asked me what I knew about the company. The truth was I knew very little: I had a look at their website but I found it very technical. Plus I don’t know anyone working there. I took a bit of a guess about one product they have – and got it wrong. I didn’t get the job. Even though I know I did poorly, I’m not sure how I could have prepared any better for this question in the circumstances. Any pointers? (GMcC, email).

Your family tree

If you have an interest in genealogy and want to find out about your family tree then contact Dympna on 087 677 4362 in order to join a group that discusses genealogy.

Plug in to your personal power

Aonacht, an Irish word, means “oneness”, but not aloneness. It is the ability we all have to stand strong and independent, in full ownership of ourselves, but still strongly connected through our innate energy with everyone else. Aonacht is about getting back in touch with your personal intuition. It is about peeling back all the layers of negativity that have built up over the years, gradually obscuring your individual energy. It is about rediscovering who you are.

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