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Discover delicious family dining at Flannery’s Hotel

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A lot of the hotels in Galway can be divided into two types. The first kind was built in recent years, a result of the economic boom, largely run by professional management companies whose brief was to merely keep the business afloat and get 'heads in beds'. Flannery's is the other sort of Galway hotel. It is part of the landscape and the fabric of life in the city east area, providing employment and welcoming guests from Ireland and many parts of the world since it first opened in 1969.

Dinner parties, the easy way

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There are many ways to reduce the stress associated with organising a dinner party for friends. You could ask your guests to bring dessert or starters instead of wine; you can cook the main course the day before if it is the type of dish that benefits from 24 hours in the fridge, eg, chilli dishes, curry dishes, or many types of casseroles. There is, however, an even easier way to remove the hassle, and that is to rent a cook for the night. was recently launched in Galway; it is the website for a business owned and run by Patricia Begley who has been providing a personal catering service for small to medium sized parties over the last few years.

nothing short of perfection at The Restaurant

Located in the beautiful six acre grounds of Dun na Si Heritage Park, Mount Temple Road, Moate, the aptly named The Restaurant offers diners a wide selection of delicious evening meals in comfortable surroundings.

Indulge yourself with some good food

Sometimes it’s nice to step away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life and retreat to a tranquil environment where you can relax while enjoying good fun and wine.

Cookery demonstrations at The Belfry Restaurant

The Belfry Restaurant & Cookery School is pleased to introduce its new season range of inter-active cookery demonstrations, running from 7pm to 9pm on selected evenings. Each evening concludes with participants enjoying the fruits of that evening and an accompanying glass of a specially selected wine.


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