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Spiddal, shopping, and scones

There are few things that go better together than shopping and cake, and even fewer places that do it so cosily as Standún in Spiddal. As a famous tourist destination for almost 75 years, it is a store steeped in tradition, even though there is nothing old-fashioned about it. It is probably best known for its selection of Aran sweaters, and has an impressive selection of Irish and international fashion labels and giftware too.

Savour Christmas pudding truffles this festive season

With the entertaining season on the horizon and festive treats on the mind, why not shake up your Christmas dessert menu this year and create some delicious Christmas pudding truffles.

Modern college cooking - baked beans and beyond

Cara Cunningham, Community Dietitian

Carve Your Own at SALT

Sunday is not complete without a roast dinner but for many, this age-old tradition has become somewhat lost in recent years. Now, SALT Restaurant & Bar at 163 Upper Salthill is reviving the traditional Sunday roast… but it’s doing so with a twist.

Your paper crutch may crumble in job interview

Q: I am going for interview next week in a new company. I have researched the living daylights out of them and I have also gone back over my own studies and work experience to find everything of relevance that I can muster. I have so much information assembled, I am wondering if I can bring some notes into the interview with me. What do you think? (DE, email).

Siúcra’s Simple Berry Crumble

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A warm and comforting dessert is exactly what’s needed as the nights draw in and temperatures drop. Make the most of in-season fruit with Siúcra’s Simple Berry Crumble, the perfect dish to take your taste buds from summer to autumn.

Black pudding – the new superfood

It is official: black pudding has been declared a superfood for 2016, joining seaweed, black beans, avocado oil and birch water on the list.

Pudding for Christmas and a little treat for now

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Christmas pudding

Martine’s embodies the spirit of Christmas

Planning a Christmas party? Martine’s restaurant completely embodies the spirit of Christmas and is ideal for group parties and meetings over the festive period.

Food — now everybody’s eating it

Gone are the days when food was something other people ate. Now everyone is atin’ it. We never had food when we were growing up. We just had Da Breakfast, Da Dinner and Da Tay. Da Supper was just cocoa and the odd biscuit. Food was something we saw in magazines on plates the likes of which you'd only take out for the Yanks as part of the ‘let's pretend we're something we're not’ annual campaign, when we'd sip tay, sorry tea out of blue willow cups with dainty fingers. And then we'd cover the table with food the likes of which we'd never ate and the likes of which they'd never ate and we'd depart then each thinking the other had the oddest taste in food ever.


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