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Feasible solution found for South Galway flooding

It has been a long journey through many difficult times for the communities of South Galway and North Clare as the severity and frequency of flooding has led to an increased yearly threat of flooding in the past 4 decades.

Dep Grealish should not emerge unscathed from 'Golfgate' scandal

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The best and the brightest, apparently, were at the golf get together. ‘Astute’, ‘shrewd’, ‘clever’ are words recipients of college degrees might use to describe the persons in attendance. ‘Wide’ and ‘slick’ are words you might hear in more working-class areas to describe the same people.

Is the new Government a first step towards a FF-FG merger?

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The end of civil war politics. A cliché maybe, but one we have heard repeated ad nauseam in recent weeks following the decision by FF and FG to enter government together for the first time.

Government coalition formation sealed as historical Athlone tome published

Well, it looks like we’ve come to the end of the road at the moment of the negotiations between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and the Green Party.

Mayo Day Live – Global Voices

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This Saturday May 2, Mayo Day will take place solely online, with a live show on and’s Facebook Page.

Impressionist announces rescheduled Dean Crowe Theatre date

Multi-impressionist Oliver Callan brings his award-winning Callan’s Kicks comedy show to life on the Dean Crowe Theatre stage on Saturday, October 3.

We need a reformed Seanad to help tackle the big issues

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More than a few people have told me that the Sinn Fein surge in the General Election gave them the jitters. Their fear comes down to two things. They worry that Sinn Fein’s proposals to fix our housing, health and pensions problems could wreck the economy and cause longer-term misery and hardship for us all.

The count at a glance

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We take a look at some of the interesting things that the count threw up last Sunday

Dillon ready for the next step

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As one story in politics begins another one ends - on Wednesday newly elected Fine Gael TD Alan Dillon was busy getting used to his new role in his office in Castlebar, when a near neighbour from up the street and the person he was replacing, stuck his head in the door to offer some advice. Retaining the seat held by Enda Kenny in Castlebar was the aim for the Fine Gael party and Dillon delivered on that, taking the fourth and final seat in the county.

Mayo election count - Sunday February 9

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Live coverage of the general election count in Castlebar 


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