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Essential tips from Croí for a healthy festive season

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As the festive season draws closer, here are essential festive tips from Croí to ensure you enjoy a healthy Christmas season.

Essential tips for eating out the healthy way

Whether it’s the Monday morning breakfast roll to work or afternoon tea on Sunday with the girls, there has never been more reason or temptation to eat outside of the home.

Overcome emotional eating

Turning to food for comfort — either consciously or unconsciously — when stressed, anxious, bored, or upset is a long-standing habit that goes back to our very beginnings. Because what were we given when we cried as babies? Milk, from either a bottle or breast.

How to avoid emotional eating at Christmas

For many of us Christmas is a challenge; it forces its way into our lives and pretty much turns our routines upside down. Even if you are not directly affected by the festive hiatus, Christmas hits you at every turn with sweets and other 'tasty' offerings for sale, and then the heavily discounted offers post-Christmas.


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