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Council would consider Compulsory Purchase on vacant and abandoned former housing stock

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The chief executive of Mayo County Council, Peter Hynes, has said that the council would be open to using compulsory purchase orders to acquire vacant homes in former council estates, that had been purchased by former tenants, but that had become derelict in recent times.

CPOs allow Curraghmore parents “light at the end of the tunnel”

The next stage in the 10-year saga to provide a brand-new primary school for the eastern side of Mullingar was confirmed this week with the news that compulsory purchase orders have been issued to the two landowners of the council’s favoured site just off the Ardmore Road.

Exceptional value available in rural areas

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Property Partners Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard has seen quite an active start to the year with a flurry of new homes being brought to the market. Many vendors are now taking a very realistic view with pricing and it is now very often the case that it would be nigh on impossible to replace many homes at the prices they are being sold for. According to James Heaslip this is very much a repeat of the mid 1980s when a similar cycle happened. At that time property prices plummeted and sites were very difficult to sell due to this imbalance in pricing. This imbalance will certainly rectify itself, but for the time being, he said, it is time to take advantage of the incredible value out there.

Changes to CPO good for outer bypass says Fahey

Increased costs and further delays to the Galway City Outer Bypass project look like being avoided as changes to Compulsory Purchase Order regulations are set to be introduced.

O’Flaherty calls for CPO on Coolough Road

Too much time has passed and too many accidents have occurred on the Coolough Road so the Galway City Council must proceed immediately with a Compulsory Purchase Order according to PD Cllr Terry O’Flaherty.

NRA is grabbing land and not paying for it

The National Roads Authority has compulsorily taken farmland up and down the country, and has now withdrawn funding to pay the farmers whose land they have commandeered.

Council has questions to answer on Inner Relief Road CPO spending

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