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Garden entertaining ideas when the summer season sun goes down

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Summer entertaining in your garden doesn’t have to be all about sunshine and barbecues.

Tragic incident as wildlife fatality occurs at Coosan Point amenity facility

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A local businessman has expressed his immense ire pertaining to a wildlife incident which resulted in the deaths of a duck at Coosan Point in recent times.

McNelis urges ‘mandatory mask wearing’ around the elderly

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Instead of just encouraging mask wearing, it is time a “comprehensive decision” was made by the Government on this issue and declared it a mandatory practice.

Detection of ammunition along with drugs a 'sinister' development

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The elected members of the Ballina Municipal District praised the work of Gardai in seizing €330,000 worth of drugs in the locality last week, at their monthly meeting which took place last Friday in the Ballina Arts Centre. Cathaoirleach of the district, Cllr Michael Loftus, led the tributes - pointing out that the Mayo Joint Policing Committee had been pressing the Gardai to tackle the scourge of drugs, which was responded to by the setting up of a divisional drugs task force by Chief Supt Tony Healy. However, Cllr Loftus added that one part of the seizure was sinister and frightening, in regard to the detection of ammunition during the search operation that led to the seizure.

Willow Park Ladies reflect upon five successful playing years

The men’s senior teams representing Willow Park in both the Leinster Senior and Combined Counties Leagues have been very successful. Adding to the glory over the past five years have been the Ladies team who have won the League once and the Cup twice since their formation.

What are you going to bring with you into this strange new world?

There are many new faces on the small country roads where I run each morning. People I have never before encountered out discovering the wonder of the countryside, finding the delights that have surrounded them for decades but which they might have never noticed to this extent. How many people have rediscovered the wonder of exercise? Granted it is easy now at this time of the year with the sun shining and the birds belting their little hearts out from every branch... and with less traffic on the roads making it safer for children to discover the wonder of cycling.

Research shows that most home possessions in Ireland are pursued by household name banks not vulture funds

A major research report confirms, for the first time, that almost half of the mortgage possession cases listed before the courts are being pursued by “household name” banks, which are directly supervised by the European Central Bank.

Cannon welcomes move to bring Druid classics into people’s homes

An east Galway TD has welcomed the move by Druid Theatre to make some of its classic productions available for free for people at home.

What Do You Mean You Haven't Read...?

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Sasha de Buyl, director of Cúirt

Lockdown views: Jacinta O Connor

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"As a mother of five boys, most of my time is already occupied but not having the usual school runs and strict routine has meant more time for those house projects that I usually ignore. Things likes decluttering wardrobes and finally giving the kitchen cabinets a deep clean.


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