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What Richard Did winners

Beezneez Theatre Company presents United

When the radio version of John McDwyer’s play, United, was performed on RTE, it was so well received that it was repeated within a month and the stage version is proving to be just as popular. Beezneez opened this tour to three standing ovations in Longford and the production is ranking with the best ever produced by this consistently excellent company. United now plays in Roscommon Arts Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday November 8 and 9 at 8pm.

All-Ireland junior camogie championship

Carlow 4-12

A May procession in the Claddagh, c1935

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This photograph was originally taken from the top of the high wall which fronted the town dump in the area of the Claddagh still known as ‘The Swamp’ in 1931. In the early years of the 20th century Galway’s Parliamentary Representative Stephen Gwynn prompted the Government to award a grant of £450 for the reclamation of this marshy ground between the Claddagh and the seashore, which was prone to flooding, and as a result a half-mile racing track in the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners was built around the perimeter of the area. It cannot have been very successful, because some time afterwards the area became the site for the city dump. In 1931 the Carnegie Trust presented the city with a grant of £500 to help develop part of the site into a number of playing pitches. This development was a gradual process and eventually, in the early fifties, the whole area was converted into a municipal park devoted entirely to sporting activities. The high wall was largely knocked and reduced to its present height. It took a while to completely clear the ground... many who played matches there at the time remember taking lumps of glass or tin out of the surface of the playing pitch and leaving them on the side wall.

Eileen Carr — A century of Galway life

Last week saw the passing of one of the city’s oldest residents. From more than 100 years of life the world she was born into and the world she left were very different. At the great age of 101 Eileen Carr passed away. She enjoyed good health up to recent weeks, with poor hearing as her major complaint. She found the resulting social isolation rather frustrating yet she missed very little.


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