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Bringing our education system forward

Lucy Murray, a fifth year student in Dominican College, Taylor’s Hill recently attended a workshop in Trinity College where the aim was the creation of a Charter for 21st Century Learning. The emphasis was that the education system needed to change to fit the needs of our society but change will not happen if there is no evidence that it is wanted. Lucy has penned this article containing the viewpoint of a student in the educational debate and stressing the need for change.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Information nights for parents of teenagers

Parents of teenagers can learn more about issues of concern, such as drugs, legal highs, sexual health, alcohol and effective communication, at two information nights being held in the county later this month.

Learn about music

If you are an adult looking to develop an appreciation for music and would like to be able to read and understand music then a course taking place in the Westport College of Further Education may be for you.

Cuts to special needs assistants an outrage — Ring

The Minister for Education has been called on to provide alternative support for children with special needs following cuts to special needs assistants which came into force last week.

Coaching for resilience

As Ireland navigates turbulent seas Executive Coaching played a starring role in a recent hugely successful initiative offered by FÁS to redundant executives. The programme, designed by Paula King, a director with Executive Coaching Solutions Limited, in partnership with FÁS, recognised that a sense of control, mastery, and social support are crucial elements in sustaining mental health. The programme also recognised the importance of combating feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and depression.

Learning how to treat children with behavioural disorders

An information evening on advances in the treatment of children with learning, behavioural, developmental and emotional disorders will be held at Ballybane Enterprise Centre on Monday February 8 at 8pm.

Living with a disability

HOLD is a group of people with varying disabilities who meet on a weekly basis in Cosgallen CDP. This group come together to discuss issues and topics that affect their lives in a social and confidential setting. The meetings are every Tuesday from 11am to 1pm. Contact 094 925 5070 if you would like to join.

New programme tackles literacy problems in south-east

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Literacy problems among school leavers attempting to access further education are being tackled at the roots in the south-east with an initiative from the Department of Education.

New course for children with Dyslexia and learning difficulties

An innovative service for children struggling with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties is about to be launched in Kilkenny.


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