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The Jes Leaving Cert class of 1968

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It is interesting to meet someone again after a long period of time, especially someone with whom you spent five days a week for about six years, but that is what school reunions are all about. People will have inevitably aged and may have gained bellies, more wrinkles, their hair greyer than before, or maybe have no hair at all, so there is often a little tension mixed with the expectation of meeting them again. But the end result is generally delight at reviving old friendships, at the renewed camaraderie, at all the nostalgia, the memories of sporting occasions, the sharing of photographs and, of course, the stories about particular teachers. Indeed, some who were slogged or mistreated by teachers may use the reunion as a kind of revenge. Inevitably, some stories will have taken on legs — “The older we got, the better we were”. The reunion is also an occasion to remember colleagues who have died in the interim.

Class of 2017 receive Leaving Cert results


Quality detached home in Roscam

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BV Commercial has just received instructions to offer for sale No 229 Ros Caoin, Roscam, a detached four bedroom residence situated in an attractive estate built by O’Malley Construction in 2003.

New Spanish class starting next week

Practical classes in beginning Spanish will start again next week at the Language Institute in the Granary Learning Centre. These 12-week courses are designed to give students the words and phrases they will need to visit Spain or Latin America with ease and confidence.

New language classes at The Granary Learning Centre

The Language Institute at the Granary Learning Centre has launched its packed spring and summer language programme for adults, and a special programme for teenagers. The ever popular practical Spanish courses will run throughout the spring and summer with a new class beginning each month. German classes will also start in the middle of May for beginners and improvers, as will courses in Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian. The Spanish for teens short summer courses begin again in June, and the foreign language teacher training course will be repeated in May and June.

Irvine Training for languages, business and driving

Why not set yourself a new challenge this year and learn a new skill, be it to increase your job chances or to simply fulfil a dream to converse in a different language or learn how to use a computer.

Be a role model for Leaving Cert students

The start of the Junior and Leaving Cert exams this week at last brings into focus what life is really all about — the next generation. Yes, all of us struggling to come through these difficult times being distracted by so many forces along the way — job losses, income reductions, tax levies, welfare cuts, education hikes, bank bail-outs, stock market crashes, foul tempers, and anxious states of mind, etc — are entitled to feel important too but really, our role is merely to lead by example.


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