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Natural remedies for colds, flu, and infection

Ultan Molloy, MPSI, HealthWest Community Pharmacy gives some advice on taking natural remedies.

Top tips on how to keep your immune system healthy this winter

A Vogel's Echinaforce has compiled some of the best tips to keep your immune system healthy and happy this winter.

Make sure your children stay healthy when back at school

As children across Mayo prepare to head back to the classroom, A Vogel herbal advisor Nicola Murphy gives parents her top four remedies to ensure they stay healthy this September.

Echinacea is effective against swine flu

Mayo has been swamped with cold and flu viruses so far this year as cold weather continues to take its toll on our immune systems. However a cure for the common cold and flu might just be easier than you think.

Stamp out colds and flu with fresh echinacea

Echinacea is one of the most popular herbal remedies to help boost immune systems and fight off colds and flu. However research has shown that not all echinaceas are the same. Fresh echinacea contains almost three times more active substances than from the same amount of dried herb, helping to stamp out winter sniffles and ensure your immune system works more effectively.

First aid for colds, flu, and allergies

The immune system is the body’s defence mechanism, which, when working well, protects us from infection and invasion by bugs of all descriptions. However, the immune system has to be fed the right food to stay fit.


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