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Essential tips for eating out the healthy way

Whether it’s the Monday morning breakfast roll to work or afternoon tea on Sunday with the girls, there has never been more reason or temptation to eat outside of the home.

'I have my own business as a nutritional therapist'

I always had an interest in food and how it can affect our bodies. When I finally decided to take the plunge into the world of nutrition, CNM’s course was ideal for me as I was able to continue working while attending college locally at the weekends.

Overcome emotional eating

Turning to food for comfort — either consciously or unconsciously — when stressed, anxious, bored, or upset is a long-standing habit that goes back to our very beginnings. Because what were we given when we cried as babies? Milk, from either a bottle or breast.

Seminar on eating disorders

A public information seminar on eating disorders will be held in the Mayo Education Centre, Westport Road, Castlebar on Friday March 25 at 7.30pm.

Food and feelings: what’s eating you?

What does kindness have to do with weight loss? For most people, absolutely nothing. Instead, discipline and motivation are seen as important for following a rigid diet and getting into shape. When we slip again we blame and criticise ourselves for our lack of discipline, and turn to our favourite food for consolation. We torture ourselves over a number on a scale or a size on a dress when we’d be better off putting our energy into understanding our real selves. Our struggles with food cause tremendous stress, guilt, shame, and self-loathing. We’ve internalised a feeling of powerlessness and each time we try and fail, we subject ourselves to more of the same miserable feelings.

You are what you eat

Diet, diets and more diets — this word is haunting everyone in the 21st century.


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