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A visual journey into East Germany

DEUTSCHE DEMOKRATISCHE Republik, the German Democratic Republic, the DDR, GDR, or more simply, East Germany, although no longer existent, continues to fascinate.

Motoring the Communist way

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CAR MANUFACTURERS in the Communist bloc of Eastern Europe had to walk the line between giving people cars they wanted to own and meeting government plans to provide practical, inexpensive, vehicles to take workers to their place of employment.

New Cuban ambassador will seek to strengthen Galway-Cuban ties

The new Cuban Ambassador to Ireland, her excellency Teresita Trujillo, will be in Galway this week in an effort to explore and create links between Cuba and Ireland.

The fall of the Berlin Wall

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On August 13 1961, people in the Allied sector of Berlin awoke to find their part of the city completely surrounded by barbed wire. Within days construction began on a large edifice the world would soon know as The Berlin Wall.

The wall is gone but the DDR shirt remains

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THIS WEEK marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, but while the wall and the Deutsche Demokratische Republik are gone, memories and memorabilia of the DDR are still going strong.


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