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Mellows Commemoration Walk at Killeeneen this Sunday at dawn

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At 7 am on Easter Tuesday 1916 Liam Mellows led the Galway Volunteers from the little village of Killeeneen into rebellion against Crown forces. It was a fiercely brave action for him and his poorly equipped Volunteers, given the severe consequences that the insurgents knew they would face afterwards by the authotities.

George Nicolls, c1887-1942

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George Nicolls (Seoirse Mac Niocall) was born in Dublin but his professional career brought him to Galway town, where he worked as a solicitor and coroner for the West Riding District of the county. A committed nationalist, he became involved with Sinn Féin in 1907 and also served as president of the county board of the GAA. Nicolls was the IRB Centre for Galway town. On November 31 1913, he presided over a meeting in the Town Hall, for the purpose of formally establishing the Irish Volunteers in the county, and subsequently chaired the ‘monster public meeting’ in the Town Hall on December 10, at which 600 individuals signed up for the Volunteers. Nicolls also established a pipe band (Cumann Píobairí na Gaillimhe), where all but three were IRB members. It toured the county, playing at events such as GAA matches and concerts, which provided opportunities to recruit new members.

The Easter Rising in Galway:

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Seamus Carter, athlete, Gaeilgóir, patriot

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Seamus Carter was a fluent Irish speaker who was a member of the Gaelic League since its inception. He was the secretary of the Oireachtas when it was held in Galway in 1913, the famous photograph of which hangs in the Town Hall.


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