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Ice Cream and Other Frozen Delights

The Parlour Tea Rooms, Athenry

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There must be something in the air that has prompted the recent spate of tea rooms/cafes. Maybe it is a hankering after a slower pace of life and taking the time to relax rather than grabbing a paper cup of your favourite beverage and drinking it on the go. Maybe it is simpler? During my visits to eating establishments over the past year or three, it is impossible not to notice the fact that the female population dominates. With that in mind, any clever restaurant proprietor should be catering to this sector and that is why in my humble opinion we are seeing the growth of places like the Corrib House Café I visited a couple of weeks ago, and now this new one in Athenry.

Whatever happened to Barry’s tea? And other food conundrums

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Barry’s tea still has that kick-awake taste in the morning when you take the first gulp; but tea in general has changed, and changed dramatically. Just look at the choice of teas next time you reach for a packet. Where once there was only Lyons, Barry’s and PG Tips, now there has to be a choice of at least 50 different blends including herbal, organic, loose or bagged, or the plain ordinary black. And I was surprised to learn that there are at lest two tea blenders in Galway; including Solaris Botanicals, which not only won last month’s Junior Chamber of Ireland Entrepreneur of the Year, but in the same week clinched a deal to supply Harrods of London.


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