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Getting your head round the arguments

A couple of weeks ago I spoke about education, and how we should educate ourselves before jumping to conclusions.

Survey shows head shops are cause for concern for Kilkenny people

The people of Kilkenny have spoken out about their fears about what is being sold in head shops in the city and the lack of regulation surrounding head shops — according to a survey carried out by the Kilkenny Advertiser this week.

Have your say about the presence of head shops in Kilkenny

The issue surrounding the legality of so called head shops has being raised once again this week at a seminar in Mullingar, by minister with responsibility for drugs John Curran. Mr Curran said that he is now going to tackle the issue in real terms by coordinating a government response to legality of head shops.

Mayo TD calls for ban on head shop ‘highs’

Property owners who are anxious to lease out vacant premises have been warned by a Mayo TD to be wary of the types of businesses approaching them. This comes as head shops, which sell legal drugs which enable people to get highs without breaking the law, are cropping up all over the country, including in Castlebar and Ballina.

New Galway med company could eliminate needles

A Galway-based medical company has set up a new business which will eventually see all needles eliminated from the injecting of drugs.

Party not over in Galway

A controversial "party pill" that was the reason behind a series of raids nationwide last week, is still being sold in Head shops across the city, despite protest from Government officials and members of the public.

Council must specify where public drinking is not allowed

Kilkenny County Council has been asked to be more specific in defining where people can drink alcohol in public in the county in a bid to enforce bye laws prohibiting alcohol consumption in public places.

Needle exchange soon to be available for Westmeath junkies

A needle exchange facility is expected to be made available to Westmeath’s estimated 24 intravenous drug users before the end of the Spring.

Recession could lead to increased boozing

The economic recession could lead to higher levels of alcohol consumption by some Irish people as “cocooning”, or home drinking, grows in popularity. This is one of the key findings of an extensive research project undertaken for MEAS, the alcohol social responsibility organisation, on the drinking culture of 18 to 29-year- olds in this country.

School’s out, sun and fun begins

As the Leaving Certificate exams come to an end and thousands of Irish students get ready to leave the books behind, pack their bags, and head off for their much anticipated holiday, and the ITAA is issuing a reminder to students of the dangers of mixing sun and alcohol.


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