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Galway Community College to stage The Devil In Drag

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AN INCORRUPTIBLE judge investigates an arson attack on a local circus, but the more he investigates, the more dark forces try to discredit him, and then things take a very strange turn, as two devils, dressed as clowns, try to possess him.

'I think the world has changed rather than me'

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The world - or at least the Western world - is a very different place now in July to what it was in May. In the space of around six weeks, Ireland became the first State where same-sex marriage was endorsed by the public through a referendum - kickstarting calls in Germany and Australia for the same; while the United States voted to approve gay marriage following a Supreme Court decision.

From drag to trad

Kellys bar is the venue for a night of fun, frills, fizzy pop, frollicks, hair disaster, fantastic trad and to the most amazing musicians Galway has to offer on Saturday, 20 October. Of course, the outstandingly beautiful Drag-Queens of Galway will also be in attendance. The night is in support of St. Jame's HIV unit and is dedicated to raising much needed funds for the cause.


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