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Galway's one stop shop for divorce or separation

One stop shop for divorce or separation in weeks

Couples throughout the country whose marriages have broken down can divorce or separate through mediation saving several thousand euro on legal fees in the process. Galway Divorce and Separations is a new one-stop shop based at Unit 28 Orchard House, Glenrock Business Park, Ballybane, Galway, where couples can obtain a decree divorce or judicial separation in a few short weeks from the courts, and all without either or both spouses engaging solicitors or barristers to represent them.


Creating a will is usually a straightforward matter and leaves you with the peace of mind and knowledge that your loved ones are looked after and your assets are divided in accordance with your wishes, after your death.

Cash for gold makes a killing from divorce

The business of divorce is generating huge turnover for cash-for-gold outlets with one agency in the UK reporting over 10,000 wedding and engagement ring transactions already this year.

Galway women take lead in separation and divorce

The women of Galway seem to be far more proactive then men in seeking a judicial separation or divorce, the Court Service Annual Report for 2007 has revealed.


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