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The American Hotel, Eyre Square, c1940

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The O’Sullivan family first came to Eyre Square in 1765. They took over a thatched house which had been rented by a family named Glynn from their landlord, who was one of the Eyres. The premises has been in the O’Sullivan family since. They set up a bar and grocery business, and it seems they always had rooms to let. By the time this photograph was taken c1940, they also had a travel agency which represented the Holland America Line, the Cunard White Star Line and the Greek Line (there were not too many commercial flights then). It was obviously the reason why they called the premises ‘The American Hotel’. It turned out to be an astute choice of name as they always had a lot of American guests.

Galway - embraced by Dr Strangelove?

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Week II

Russia had its eye on Galway

If anyone thought that all a country need do to preserve its freedom when its neighbours are at war is to proclaim its neutrality, then they have only to look hard at what happened to several European countries at the beginning of World War II. Ladies and gentleman of the whinge brigade, neutrality isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Soviets had their eyes on Galway

During the Cold War era Ireland was economically poor, everything was State owned, run, and operated, and the interiors of public buildings seemed to be covered in linoleum and Formica.


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