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Simple steps for looking after your smile from Roscam Family Dental Practice

At Roscam Family Dental Practice Dr Neysan Chah believes that prevention is one of the best cures and that you are never too young (or old) to start caring for your smile. With that in mind here are three simple steps to help keep your smile looking its best.

The mouthpiece

At any given time four out of every five adults suffer from gum disease. Gum disease is never cured, it is only controlled by attention to detail and removal of plaque on a daily basis. However if caught in the early stages it is entirely possible to control the progress of this endemic problem and keep your smile for life.

Dentists urged to assess patients’ dental IQ during consultations

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Irish dentists have an important role to play in educating patients about their oral health if dental treatments are to be successful long term.

Irish suffer from tooth sensitivity

Given the high incidence of tooth sensitivity in Ireland, particularly among women, dentist Dr Paul O’Dwyer advises those prone to sensitive teeth to take another look at their oral health regime.


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