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An evening with Catherine Fulvio this evening

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Of all the celebrity TV chefs, Catherine Fulvio is my favourite. You can keep your Rachels and Rozannes, Catherine is the one for me. She has a natural style and an endearing ‘nose crinkling’ smile. My copy of her last book Eat Like An Italian bears all the hallmarks of a good cookbook, being dog-eared and splattered with oil. Her enthusiasm shines through on every page. It is clear to see that she enjoys all aspects of her work from the growing of the ingredients to the creativity of the cooking and, of course, the tasting of the results.

Neven demo at Tullamore Show

Once again one of the key attractions at this year’s Tullamore Show will be the Bord Bia cookery demonstrations with celebrity chef Neven Maguire and Bord Bia’s food advisor Sheila Kelly which will take place at 12 noon and 2.45pm.

Niall Stanage - an Irish reporter inside the Obama campaign

“WATCHING BARACK Obama get to The White House was such a one-off experience. For him to go from such obscurity to the highest political position in the world in such as short space time was an unparalleled journey in American politics.”


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