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New location for Francis' Soap Shop!!

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One of Galway's favourite natural care shops, Francis' Soap Shop, has moved to a new location - Terryland House.

Discover the soothing qualities of Dead Sea salt with Francis Soap Shop.

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There is only one place on earth where carnallite salt crystals forms on beaches - the Dead Sea.

Treat yourself at Francis' Soap Shop

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Francis' Soap Shop offers dermocosmetics for all skin types, Oriental beauty elixirs, cleansing gels, firming salts from the Dead Sea, and bath milk.

Droserin cream health benefits

Breathing problems and respiratory conditions are notoriously hard to treat but a solution could lie in something as simple as an organic herbal cream, or droserin cream, to be specific. Made from natural ingredients, including thermal water from the Podhajska hot spring, its most important components are Rosa centifolia and the bio-information of Drosera rotundifoli — both have excellent effects on the lungs and skin.


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