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Ballina launches 50th anniversary Salmon Festival

Ballina is preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its now world renowned Salmon Festival, which launches on Monday (July 6) and continues until Sunday, July 13.

Flip a pancake for Foundation Nepal on Pancake Tuesday

This year, International Women’s Day falls on Pancake Tuesday, March 8. To mark the day and generate much-needed funds, Irish charity Foundation Nepal is asking people to throw a pancake party at home, at school, or at work and ask people to donate €1, €2 or as much as they can afford.

A Gap Year Gift from grandparents

As Grandparents’ Day falls this Sunday, the elderly need to be aware of the vital role they can play in building bridges between the rich and poor, both in Ireland and internationally. That is according to Cartan Finegan, founder of the Gap Year Gift, a novel philanthropic endeavour which encourages people to make their bequests to their grandchildren contingent on their spending six months assisting a charity in the third world or in Ireland.


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