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Is Cam/Clegg relationship manna for political idealists?

The election campaign across the water which has hogged our TV news bulletins for the past seven days turned out to be far more intriguing than any of us could have imagined. And of course, it has started to whet appetites on this side of the pond for the day when we too get the opportunity to vent our feelings and express our opinions electorally on how we think this country has been and should be governed. Britain, like ourselves is currently experiencing an economic crisis, but it has the greater population base and natural resources from which regeneration is more possible. The Irish have always had a keen interest on the personality of the occupant of 10 Downing Street, more so in the past when there was an inclination that a Labour incumbent complete with working class backing would take a greater interest in the “Ireland question.” Now that peace has broken out in Northern Ireland that factor is less pressing and so for the first time in generations, we are able to look at the British election through fresh eyes and not through the narrow prism of our own terrible issues.

Dramatic events give pause for thought

The three-day weekend leading into a four-day week threw many of us off course over the last seven days but at least things will return to normal soon - or will they? As the ongoing volcanic ash cloud disruption continues to mess up travel and holiday schedules you get the sense that so much is still up in the air (excuse the pun). Making far-off plans for the future just doesn’t seem wise with other shock events rooting us to the spot, such as the passing of 2fm DJ Gerry Ryan, which continues to resonate even one week later. This ‘Lady Di’ moment of ours obviously gave many of us cause to pause and take stock as we try to figure out whether we should continue along the current paths of our lives or change things around radically for the better.

Let’s have a live debate in Galway

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The live TV leadership debates in Britain have captured the public imagination, catapulted Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg into the spotlight, and are influencing the course of the general election.

Athenry put Westport away with ease

Athenry  3 

Mayo head north in season opener

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Mayo will make the long trip north this weekend to take on the Inishowen league in their opening game in this season’s Oscar Traynor Trophy. For the second year in a row Castlebar Celtic manager Declan Kilkelly will be taking charge of the side and after narrowly missing out on qualifiying from the group stages last year Kilkelly will be hoping to at least improve on that this season. This year’s competition sees Mayo in a three team group with this weekend’s opponents the Inishowen League and the Galway League and with only one team to qualify for the next round of the competition.

Mayo make their point

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Inishowen League 1

Day of destiny for Mayo in Oscar Traynor Cup

It's a simple task for Mayo on Sunday: win the game and book their place in the last eight of this season's Oscar Traynor Cup; while for Galway all they need is a point to reach their the last eight.

Penultimate round in Super League coming up

Only 180 minutes separate Ballina Town and the Super League title, Brendan Kenny’s side have been battling it out for the title with Westport United from the off this season and now with only two games to go their destiny is firmly in their hands. The maths is simple, win their last two games and they are champions, nothing Westport can do about it. But with the title on the line they are bound to be feeling almighty pressure over the course of the next two rounds.


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