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Gold for Duggan and Corr at national juvenile champs

Galway athletes came home with a massive haul of medals from the second day of the National Championships, including two gold medal-winning performances from Conor Duggan and Louis Corr.

The local elections of 2014 - they are sooner than you think

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With around two years to go before the next local elections, political parties will already be focusing on their representative candidates and their prospects of success in what is likely to be a highly formative election.

‘And you can quote me on that’

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“On a lot of ballots there was just an ‘X’ beside Catherine’s name and nothing else” - Catherine Connolly’s supporters discuss the fact that many of her voters just voted for her and her alone.

Daniel Callanan responds to charges of disrupting city council meetings

Disrupting city council meetings is the only option left to get “straight answers to straightforward questions” following the “wall of silence” that has greeted allegations that clamps were removed for some councillors without a fine being paid.

I’ll stay until midnight if that's what it takes to get Macnas the licence, says Mayor

The Mayor of Galway Cllr Padraig Conneely has warned that he will “stay in the chamber” of City Hall “until midnight” tomorrow, if that’s what it takes to get the event licence for the Macnas parade passed.

Councillor who cried foul over clamp removal had three removed

Cllr Daniel Callanan, the councillor who lifted the lid on the “clampgate” saga which revealed that several councillors had clamps removed free of charge from their cars was himself clamped 24 times and has had THREE clamps removed withour charge from his cars.

What kind of council has Galway voted for?

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When the results came in on Saturday it was clear that Ireland had raised high the Red flag, donned a blue shirt, kept a few Independents on side, and delivered the mother of all kickings to the Government parties. Well not quite everywhere. Typically Galway didn’t quite follow suit.

City councillors saw payments rise in 2007

The earnings and expenses of the 15 Galway city councillors rose by €30,000 between 2006 and 2007, with left leaning councillors enjoying the biggest sums with payments between €30,000+ and €46,000+.

Will we win a middle at the lympics?

There are just 24 hours to go before the fireworks are lit and the Beijing Olympics gets underway, propelling us into three weeks of wonder, amazement and wondering where they got those drugs from.

Council defers webcasting of city meetings

Members of the Galway City Council this week deferred the idea of broadcasting their monthly council meetings for the public at large to view because they said the cost is too high and the time is not right.


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