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Watch the gap – and go for it

Q: I felt the questions didn’t suit me, as Larry Gogan was fond of saying on the Just-a-Minute quiz many moons ago. They didn’t really ask me what I’d bring to the role – they were totally fixated on what I thought about the position. How could I have handled the interview differently? (TH, email).

Four questions to ask at the end of the interview

Q: I'm always asked at the end of the interview if I have a question for them. I can never think of what to say. I'm generally dying to make my escape. Any suggestions? (EK, email).

The truth about cover letters

Q: I am applying for a job. I’ve done up my CV. Do I really need to put a cover letter in with it? And, if I do, what tips have you got? (DC, email).

Double decisions — what should you do?

Q: If I have a job interview on a Tuesday and another (more preferred) interview on a Wednesday how should I handle it if the Tuesday interview results in an offer on the spot? Should I accept the first offer and then decline it if the second one becomes available? Would this put the first offer in jeopardy? I certainly wouldn’t want to insult anyone and appear to be hedging my bets (even though that’s what I would be doing). Any suggestions? Thanks. (JM, email).


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