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Why you should use an online resume builder

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Writing a successful resume can truly be a difficult challenge for some jobseekers and online resume creators make that task a lot less frightening for many people.

Get your CV ready for 2018

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The term ‘Curriculum Vitae’ or CV, can be literally translated as ‘course of life’. Sometimes referred to as a résumé, it’s an outline of your education, skills, experience and relevant achievements.

12 things to remember when writing your CV

It can be the most challenging of tasks, writing your CV. Where to start? What to highlight? How to shorten? How to sell yourself? These 12 pointers will help you get on the right track, and will also assist you in writing your LinkedIn profile, writes MARY O’BRIEN-KILLEEN, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers.

Six pointers to jazz up your CV

Q: I haven’t written a CV in 20 years – not since I left school. I understand that everything has changed since back them. For a start, I have 20 years of work underneath my belt now. Not to mention three children and less hair! Plus it is obvious that communications have undergone a revolution in the interim. Can you give me a few quick pointers for my CV? (EH, email)


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