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Tariq Ali to read at Over The Edge

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"THE SERVICE of great kings may carry its own rewards, but the service of truth goes unrewarded and is, for that very reason, worth far more.”

Criticism after objections to houses being allocated to Travellers in Castle Park

A public meeting in Castle Park has heard objections from local residents to new houses planned for the area being allocated to members of the Traveller community.

Karl Marx's young years on screen

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HE HAS appeared in the Daniel Craig James Bond films as Bond's staunchest ally, Bill Tanner, but Rory Kinnear is about to go over to the other side, playing the role of revolutionary and intellectual Karl Marx.

Dave at Large: remembering and reinventing Dave Allen

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DAVE AT Large, a new comedy starring Bryan Murray, of Fair City and The Irish RM fame, tells the extraordinary story of the controversial and ground breaking Irish comedian Dave Allen, whose rise to fame saw him become one of the most challenging yet popular comedians and television personalities of his day.

The devastation of suicide

Suicide is devastating for everybody involved. It is a sensitive subject that has been avoided in the pastand is a well known problem in Mayo. Many people say the high rates of suicide in the west are due to the bad weather and many people living isolated in rural areas. They may not receive attention or have access to support agencies that deal with issues such as depression or suicide. Of course the reasons for suicide are impossible to pin-point as they are so personal to each victim. The only way the high suicide rates can be reduced is by now helping those that can still be helped, for example, people who have suicidal thoughts or inflict self harm. To have somebody available, in a comfortable environment, to lend a sympathetic ear to a person’s problems without them being criticised or judged would greatly help everyone and promote a healthy community for all.


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