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Luisne Art Project going forward in 2011

The Luisne Art Project has started the year with the opening of Insight, its biggest exhibition yet. The exhibition takes place in Galway University Hospital from today Friday, January 28. Opening speaker on the day will be the well known film maker and writer Bob Quinn.

Linda Hunt exhibition at the Linenhall

Natural Rhythms is the title of a new exhibition of prints by Linda Hunt opening at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar on Friday July 3. The exhibition comprises a suite of limited edition collograph and dry point prints created by artist Linda Hunt in response to her experience of landscape, seascape, natural forms, and shapes. In the words of the artist herself, "Process is an important element in making the work and it is one of continuous discovery and communication with the medium. I like the contrast the medium provides between definite forms and shapes and more nebulous qualities. Fluidity, line, layering, and texture are all important elements in this process as are spatial relationships. Colour is rooted in natural sources and is both animated and subdued." Thus, says Linda, the resulting works "observe the formal elements of visual rhetoric and reflect my personal connection with my immediate environment." The exhibition runs until Saturday August 1.


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